Manakai Dreams Hawaii


Have you ever wondered why a sleeping baby wriggles and wiggles? Mana’kai squirms all over his crib and gets stuck. His parents laugh at what a wiggly baby he is, but what they don’t know is Mana’kai is exploring Hawai’i in his dreams! Would you like to come along? Can you catch a wave? Go snorkeling? Dance the luau and hike in tropical jungles? Mana’kai does! In this tale of a boy’s dreamtime adventures, you can also. Join Mana’kai on a delightful exploration of Oahu with fun adventures, simple Hawai’ian vocabulary, and beautiful illustrations with Hawai’ian motifs to highlight the natural beauty that Hawai’i offers. Mana’kai Dreams of Hawai’i celebrates the thrill of exploration, learning, and letting our imaginations run wild. Life is full of lively everyday adventures. Come along!

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