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When I was in college, my horoscope told me that I would be a “ballerina, bull-doze driver, trapeze artist.” I was a little bummed since I had planned on being a desert-princess-turned-bandit.

The truth is, I have always been a shape-shifter.

Business-woman, river guide, window-washer, waitress, Forest Service archeologist technician assistant, graduate student, backpacker, daughter, sister, vixen, nice Mormon girl, traveler and some day hope to be a true companion. But one of the best parts about being all these things and more – they all got good stories.

I grew up in small town golden green lovely rivers dancin’ wild and wonderful West Virginia and now live in cow slalom temple chanting vibrant chaos yummy caramel rural and riotous India on a wild adventure… which is good. I vowed I would never be bored in my own life!

Now, I create to shift the shape of the world. I hope the stories and art that bloom from the bliss ride of life delight you.

– M


*truthiness, as invented by Colbert 2005 (though Oxford English Dictionary claims they had it first)

Photo credit: Dylan George, Ved Krishna and Kathy Peterson